6. Reconcilable differences

resolve the impasseSummary Chapter 6: What makes this "trap" a matter of great concern is the fact that human violence and modern weapons make the consequences of environmental degradation especially dangerous. It is thus essential to resolve the impasse between technical progress and human ecology .

5. Historical trajectories

Which came first?Escaping the progress trap - chapter 5: We can see why societies can sustain their levels of development by maintaining contact with their richer, natural heritage. We may never know whether ingenuity is driven by curiosity or necessity, but we do know that it is sustained by the wealth of human culture.

4. Separated from living things

Empirical delusion?Escaping the progress trap - chapter 4: The rationalistic empiricism of Francis Bacon, Galileo, Newton and Descartes overthrew the spiritual ethos that had prevailed for more than a thousand years. Indeed the Church had stifled empirical investigation as ungodly for so long, this can be considered an equal and opposite reaction. The revolution was so complete that the spiritual world never recovered its authority. Science and technology however, may be headed down the same path as the medieval churchmen.

What it takes to end an environmental crisis

Progress Trap - health crisisCholera in London, 1858
It takes hardship, observation, data, and in the case of London's cholera epidemic - a stench from the River Thames so foul that Parliament ceased functioning. The next order of business was for the members of Parliament to quickly enact legislation ordering the overhaul of London's sewerage system.

Pentagon accepts climate change (2010)

solar tent"Climate change is happening, and there is a large amount of evidence that this is in fact man-made...Climate change is a certainty" - Rear Admiral David Tetley, Oceanographer, US Navy

"A powerful analysis of our situation"

This book shows how societies and individuals can be victims of their own success, often unconscious of the effects of ingenuity on their environment. When changes are man-made and harmful, a downward spiral begins: development that excludes solutions to problems that arise from development.

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