The tree that outlived a fence

With time, this tree overgrew the fence, which was cut away.
In the neighbourhood, the tree is known as L'arbre fort (the strong tree) after Louis Cyr, "L'homme fort" whose bronze statue is nearby.
(The video was presented at the M60 Film Festival which is informal, with no awards. The 2013 theme was Vengeance and every film was 60 seconds)

Au fil du temps, l'arbre a envahi la clôture, qui a été enlevé.
Dans le quartier, l'arbre est connu comme l'Arbre fort après Louis Cyr «L'homme fort» dont la statue de bronze est à proximité.

(M60 Le festival annuel est informel, sans distinctions. Le thème de 2013 était la vengeance et chaque film duré 60 secondes)

Music: Mano y mano by Luke Neumann (Creative Commons)

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